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Benefits of a Cat Back Audi Exhaust

For most Audi enthusiasts, their cars have turbocharged 4-cylinder engines. That is one of the big reasons they love their vehicles as much as they do. Although a turbo engine has a lot of power, when it comes from the factory it sounds a bit underwhelming. That is why some Audi owners consider changing to aftermarket turbo exhaust systems.

The fact is that a vast majority of enthusiasts consider going for a new Audi exhaust system right after they buy the car. There are several types of exhaust systems that can improve the performance and sound, but the most accessible and most popular is the cat back exhaust system.

Benefits of a Cat Back Audi Exhaust

A cat back exhaust system refers to all the parts that the engine’s exhaust gases pass through after it flows past the catalytic converter. Usually, this consists of a mid-pipe, muffler, tailpipe, and tips. 

  1. Improved Performance – Changing the Audi A4 exhaust from stock to a cat back will improve performance. Stock exhausts are meant to enhance comfort by making the engine quieter. On the other hand, a turbo cat back exhaust is designed to improve engine power and efficiency. It is done by using wider pipes as well as high-flow mufflers to decrease back pressure. 
  2. Improved Exhaust Flow – The design of the pipes and their diameter are intended to maximize the exhaust flow of the engineIt allows the right amount of backpressure, ensuring a more efficient engine performance. Thus, it makes a good choice as an Audi S3 exhaust.
  3. More Powerful Look and Sound – A big reason why the cat back is so popular is that it allows the car to have an improved look alongside an enhanced sound. Due to the reduction in pressure on the back and the use of special mufflers and tips, your Audi exhaust will generate a much more aggressive sound compared to the way it sounded after leaving the factory. Cat backs are also lighter, which can make a bit of difference on the car’s overall weight leading to improved fuel consumption. 

Audi’s are already great cars. With some changes to their exhaust system, its turbocharged engine can yield better performance. 

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