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Why You Should Service Your car at the Subaru Service Centre in Canberra

Like any other machine, your vehicle needs regular servicing and maintenance to ensure that it offers a seamless experience throughout its lifespan. Better still; a well-maintained car will serve you for long years. Also, you will enjoy better fuel economy and lesser repair costs when your car is well maintained by a professional. However, taking your car to a local mechanic is different from getting it serviced by a professional service centre.

Let us check the advantages of getting your car serviced at the authorised Subaru Canberra Service Centre. 

We only use genuine parts

The most obvious advantage of getting your car serviced by a Subaru specialist in Canberra is that they would use nothing but genuine parts. It automatically enhances the lifespan of your vehicle, offers you a seamless experience, and will not violate the insurer’s terms or warranty.

Trained technicians adhere to the highest quality standards

Getting your vehicle serviced at an authorised service centre ensures that your vehicle is in the care of experienced and expert hands. The technicians are not only trained at the highest level to service and repair Subaru vehicles, but they are also informed on new technologies, tools, and more to ensure unparalleled ability to have the best service for any vehicle make & model.

Customer Service

Check out our reviews, we have a strong and long reputation for amazing customer service as we are very proud of our service standards.

Transparent and competitive pricing

Reputable dealers like Subaru Canberra have high minimum standards for our vehicle servicing procedures. We take care of not only the current issues your car may have but also the likely issues that may crop up in the future so that there are no nasty surprises. For example, when you go for a coolant or a fluid change, your Subaru technician will also inspect rubber hoses for possible signs of wear. This helps in preventing costly repairs at the eleventh hour.

Better resale value for a dealer maintained car

In addition to enjoying a seamless driving experience, a vehicle duly maintained by a Subaru dealer will likely fetch a better resale value. So, when you put your Subaru Outback for sale in Canberra (for example), it will fetch a higher price than other cars in a similar category. Also, it will be sold in record time as buyers of used cars first look at the maintenance history of a car before buying.

Subaru Car Service in Phillip is located at 142 Melrose Drive, Phillip. Ph: (02) 6208433 or book your service here

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