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Why do you need a car servicing in Canberra? 4 Reasons

Car servicing in Canberra is important to keep your vehicle running at optimum performance. The local mechanics in Phillip Mitsubishi Service Centers are ready and waiting for your car anytime, any day of the week. Just book an appointment using our easy online booking system and get maintenance done quickly and easily.

Regular servicing is the primary way to ensure trouble-free motoring. As your car ages, its performance and efficiency naturally deteriorate. Regular servicing helps to keep your car running properly and reliably.

4 reasons you need a Car Service in Canberra:

A car service in Canberra is the most important service your car needs. A car service include:

Oil and Oil Filter Change

This is the primary component of any car service. If your car doesn’t have clean oil and regular oil changes, the engine will quickly wear down and your car may not run as well or at all. Changing the oil in your car regularly ensures that the oil in your car is properly lubricating all the engine parts.


The fluids in your car need to be checked and changed regularly, this includes Antifreeze, Brake Fluid, Coolant, Engine Oil, Power Steering Fluid, Transmission Fluid and Washer Fluid. The fluids in your car are key to keeping the car moving and safe. Don’t ignore leaks in any of these fluids; all fluid leaks should be addressed immediately. A car service has qualified mechanics to test all the fluids in your automobile and top them up if needed. Safety Checks During a Car Service in Canberra, your local Mitsubishi Mechanic in Canberra will check the vehicle’s safety components such as brakes, tyres and suspension.

Tyre check and rotation

Your local Mitsubishi Mechanic in Canberra will look at each tyre for wear and damage and check, balance and rotate the tyres if needed. Brake check and replacement Your local Mitsubishi Mechanic in Canberra will look for any wear and tear in your brakes and replace them as needed. Regular servicing ensures your vehicle’s brakes are serviced on time, helping to keep you safe on the road. Safety components: Your local Mitsubishi Mechanic in Canberra will check your brake pads, brake discs, brake fluid, brake lines, CV joints, and wheel bearings. Regular car servicing in Canberra is one of the most important things you can do to keep your car in top condition.

Battery Test

Get your car battery tested by a Mitsubishi Mechanic today. Your car’s battery provides the electrical energy necessary to power all the electrical components and accessories when the engine is off. Regular car battery testing will ensure your car battery is charging properly. To Schedule your car servicing in Canberra, book online today so your local Mitsubishi Servicing center can service your car quickly and efficiently. So make sure you avail a car servicing in Canberra.

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