Catback Exhaust System

What is a Cat Back Exhaust System?

If your car has a turbo, you want to ensure that it performs to the best of its ability. There are an endless number of options of upgrades to boost your car’s performance. Among them is the choice of exhaust systems. 

Talking of turbo exhaust systems, the cat back exhaust system is probably the most popular. There are generally two main reasons for people to consider changing their exhaust system – vehicle performance and sound. The cat back is popular because it offers performance without the need to change the vehicle’s catalytic converter. Plus the sound enhancement is good too. 

What Does an Exhaust System Do?

The majority of engines are still internal combustion. This process produces gases that contain chemicals, some of which are toxic and potentially very dangerous. Among them are carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and others. 

To prevent the dangerous gases from circulating within the vehicle, which could harm the driver and passengers, they need to be directed away from the engine, converted into less harmful gases, and directed to the back of the car for releasing it into the air. That is what the exhaust system does.

What is a Cat Back Exhaust?

In simple terms, a cat back exhaust system is installed right from the outlet of the “cat” or catalytic converter. When you are planning to change from a stock exhaust to a cat back, you will need to use a larger exhaust pipe and car muffler, so it doesn’t interfere with the flow of the engine’s exhaust gases. 

Benefits of a Cat Back Turbo Exhaust

The most sought after benefit is that the cat back gives the car more power. It is because it is designed to be more free-flowing than the stock exhaust system. It uses a larger diameter car exhaust pipe and high-grade tubes for better flow. The improved flow of exhaust gases makes it easier for the engine to breathe and produce more power. 

Another benefit is the enhanced engine sound produced because of the larger pipes and a turbo muffler

Your vehicle’s performance can be improved through numerous means. But the most popular and probably the best combination of performance and sound is the cat back exhaust system. 

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