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Looking for a great deal on a Mitsubishi Triton or Outlander in Canberra?

There are various new Mitsubishi vehicles available in Canberra. You can save a lot of money on a new Mitsubishi, whether you want a utilitarian pickup truck like the Mitsubishi Triton or a big SUV like the Mitsubishi Outlander. In this piece, we’ll look into Auto Extras, a Mitsubishi dealer in Canberra, to see what types of deals you can get on a new Mitsubishi Triton or Outlander.

The Lowest Mitsubishi Triton Prices in Canberra

The Mitsubishi Triton is a popular pickup truck known for its large cargo capacity, great off-road performance, and broad list of standard and optional safety features. If you want to buy a Triton, here are some of the best deals and discounts currently available in Canberra:

You may save a lot of money on interest payments over the life of your loan if you buy a new Mitsubishi Triton from a dealership that provides discounts like Auto Extras’ 0% financing on some models.

The MSRP of a new Triton can be greatly reduced by taking advantage of cashback offers made available at numerous dealerships.

If you want to trade in your previous vehicle, you may be able to get further savings on your new Triton purchase through a dealer’s trade-in scheme.

Mitsubishi Outlander for Sale in Canberra Area

The Mitsubishi Outlander is a spacious and flexible SUV with plenty of capacity for people, pets, and cargo. Here are some of the best deals and promotions to consider if you’re wanting to buy an Outlander in Canberra:

Savings on interest payments throughout the life of your loan may be substantial if you finance the purchase of a new Outlander from a dealership that offers affordable financing rates.

You may save a lot of money on the MSRP of a new Mitsubishi Outlander by taking advantage of cashback offers provided by some dealerships.

Roof racks, cargo liners, and floor mats are just a few of the goodies that some dealerships, such as Auto Extras, may provide with the purchase of a brand-new Outlander.

Why should you choose us when looking for car accessories?

Auto Extras is a Mitsubishi dealer in Canberra that offers sales, service, parts, and finance on a wide range of new and pre-owned Mitsubishi vehicles. If you’re planning to buy a Mitsubishi, here are some reasons why you should work with Auto Extras:

All of our vehicles are reasonably priced, and we are committed to being absolutely upfront and honest with our clients regarding our pricing system.

Our store offers new and used Mitsubishi vehicles such as the Triton, Outlander, Pajero, and more. We provide a variety of trim levels and extras to help you choose the perfect vehicle for your needs and budget.

Our knowledgeable sales, finance, and maintenance staff is dedicated to exceeding our clients’ expectations at all times.

We provide a variety of financing options to help you save money on your new Mitsubishi, including zero percent financing, low interest rates, and trade-in incentives.

For those wanting to buy a new Mitsubishi vehicle in Canberra, there are many discounts and special deals available. Auto Extras is the perfect location to acquire a pickup truck like the Mitsubishi Triton or an SUV like the Mitsubishi Outlander, both of which are dependable and well-suited for families. Visit our online store at

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