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Get Your Dream Car with Car Finance 

One of the quickest and easiest ways to own your dream car is to arrange finance. This might be the best time to own your long-cherished Mitsubishi or any deluxe brand. Arranging finances is not that tricky if you know where to look.

Finding funds

Not everyone has the time or means to save sufficiently and purchase a vehicle in cash. Of course, you can take help from any of the four major Australian banks. But there are also:

  • Building societies.
  • Credit unions.
  • Specialty lenders.

Most of these services offer a fast and no-obligation online quote. This helps in the first-hand screening.

However, various car loans in Canberra are also available with the car dealers you are purchasing from. Their rates can be highly competitive. However, it always pays to shop around for financial services before settling with anyone.

Selecting the best car finance in Canberra

The car finance companies in Canberra can offer loans for a tenure of 1-7 years. You can also choose from monthly, fortnightly, or weekly payment options. Some companies accept extra payment without any penalty. It helps save on the interest payment. Also, you can choose between fixed and variable rates.

  • Fixed-rate: It allows you to know the exact interest you need to repay. It is something most car owners prefer.
  • A variable-rate: would move with the forces of the market. So the rate might fluctuate at any time.

You can also choose between:

Secured loan: 

  • The vehicle your purchase would be the security. The low risk that it poses to the lender makes for a lower interest.
  • An unsecured loan: would rely on the purchaser’s creditworthiness. With no collateral on the borrowed fund, lenders often charge higher interest.

Documents Needed

Whether you are collecting funds for an old or new Mitsubishi for sale, the following documents are necessary:

  • Driver’s license.
  • Two copies of your latest payslips (of your partner’s as well if you are applying jointly).
  • A council rates notice bearing your name (if you are a homeowner).
  • A copy of the lease/ details of the landlord’s detail (if you live in a rented property).

It is also important to remember that no matter where you apply, it is compulsory almost to have your employment details for the last six months.

Get the car finance easily to buy your dream car.

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